Lockdown Spring 2020 – The ‘C’ Word April 19, 2020 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

At the beginning of the new decade – a new year, like most people I had a list of things I was going to do in H1; clear objectives, goals and targets with a number of seasonal fairs to showcase my products to potential buyers with plenty of networking in person.

When I heard about the outbreak in Wuhan City, China with COVID-19, I had a feeling that it was not going to take long for it to spread worldwide. Within a few weeks thereafter it had escalated throughout Europe. Lockdown as we know it was rolled out shortly afterwards which led to an open evening event I’d organised to be cancelled.

The Lockdown has affected small businesses heavily, especially if they are selling a product which ideally, you would want to try out in person if you aren’t familiar with the Brand. Many of us now are thinking outside the box to keep the Brand at the forefront of people’s minds and keep the momentum going by working together throughout the supply chain.

Personally, I have a positive outlook on change, this has certainly paused my business progress however my mindset has remained calm & collective. I am grateful for every day that I am here keeping safe, hard as it is staying away from my loved ones and friends. On a broader spectrum, the community has come together in support of our Key Workers, Carers, Frontline staff, and thousands of volunteers helping local neighbourhood’s elderly and vulnerable, a true sense of solidarity of humankind.

Staying home is not so bad, it gives you the opportunity to re-assess your path in life, time for you to rewind with clarity and focus on self-development, no excuses like ‘not enough time’. ‘maybe later’ There is no better time like the present to spend quality time with your close unit, get those spring-cleaning and DIY jobs done. You can follow a dream, start a new side-hustle, hobby or course, learn a language or an instrument, possibly add a new skill to your CV and read that book which has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Don’t waste time, plan and action.

With all this in mind, you will feel a whole heap better with plenty of sleep, clean eating and exercising daily. Wellness is so important for our positive mental attitude, having a balance is essential to keep our psyche clear of stress and anxiety. Having a strong immune system will hopefully keep the bug at bay.


HoD Spa collection is ideal for anyone that is currently suffering from this, it aids sleep, recharges, rejuvenates or energises you depending on your mood. You can find the range in the SPA section of the website. Essential oils are a gift from Mother Earth connecting us to Nature with so many benefits so please do consider an oil fragrance for the home, bath soak or just for when you’re trying to tackle those essential shopping queues at a social distance!

A New World dawns upon us so be ready to welcome it with open arms, embrace the calm in the meantime, let us keep smiling, remain healthy, stay safe and appreciate life!