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When I initially started to think about setting up my own business, I knew the Perfume industry was going to be a tough one to crack with over 11,000 perfumes on the market; it sure is a very competitive and one that would be more than a bit challenging.

Being passionate in what I believe in, I wasn’t going to let this stop me from fulfilling a life-long dream.

Once I returned from the ever so scenic Grasse, I was eager to start the next part of my journey and raring to go! I quickly started to research into design, development of the product since I had my signature scents formula in hand!

I wanted to create a scent that would be unique and personal to whoever wears it; feel sophisticated and empowered by N-Lyten.

N-Lyten uses only the highest quality essential oils; giving you a uniquely sensual experience, created to transform whilst on your skin. This fragrance is very different to others, the top, heart and base notes only appear when they’re ready, changing through the day and lasting from dusk to dawn.

I wanted the design to be simple and elegant but wanted the added luxury of the Ankh bracelet for N-Lyten as it is a limited edition. The Ankh symbol is commonly seen in the imagery of Ancient Egypt and represents eternal life; its literal meaning is ‘the key of life’.

The name N-Lyten is personal to me; my name Dipty means ‘Enlightenment’ in Sanskrit.

N-Lyten is a limited edition, only 192 bottles have been produced. The perfume itself was crafted in France but the labelling, printing, bottling and crimping was all done in the UK. I’m hugely keen on supporting local industry and in future would love to have the whole perfume process executed in the UK.

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What I learnt along the way…

  • Alcohol based fragrances evaporate!
  • Produce more! When it comes to bottling you lose a few bottles in the process.
  • Dealing with the French; they are too laid back which isn’t a bad thing, but it is when you have deadlines to meet