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Summer is a carefree and playful time, enjoying the great outdoors, sunshine being an essential vitamin E source.

Autumn on the other hand offers many a calmer time yet to others an unsettling one.
It’s a time where routine kicks in; it’s more structured and productive. It can get you motivated, focused and possibly start new projects but it’s also a time when it can make you feel anxious, melancholy or even gloomy.

Fall also brings with it some physical issues such as allergies, headaches, itchy eyes, colds and flu, dry skin and eczema due to less exposure to sunlight and the lower air temperatures.

Here are a few recipes that will give your system a boost during the transition and cure any unwanted allergies and bugs;

Dry skin

Use one or a couple of the following essential oils in a blend either as a lotion, cream or butter (depending on what you prefer to use) – geranium, rose and mandarin.


To aid in concentration, a diffuser consisting of basil, black pepper and peppermint slowly dispersed into the air will work wonders.

Nasal congestion & sinus issues

This is a no brainer but eucalyptus works on most cold and flu symptoms, along with Scotch pine and rosemary, ideally as an inhaler, which will uplift your spirit.


Taken orally with hot water; cinnamon, clove, lemon and Manuka honey.


Either an oil burner or in a running bath this blend would be ideal – bergamot, ylang ylang, orange blossom and myrtle.

Support during seasonal shift

Ceder, myrtle and tangerine help aid the change.

Remember only to use 3 essential oils in creating a complementary and mutually reinforcing blend for your skin type. I use only Jojoba as it’s the only oil that closely resembles our natural oils in the skin.