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Reminiscing… reaching a milestone whilst celebrating the start of a new decade on the beautiful French Riviera I was excited to spend my first day venturing back to where it all began in the laboratories of Grasse.  A solo journey which fed my soul, basking in the sheer beauty of the region.

It has been 3 years since I came to learn everything about creating, blending and formulating fragrances… Life got busy and I wasn’t able to devote enough time and energy into my passion. However things changed, in the past year, I’ve been able to explore more opportunities to mix essential oils to suit our moods and enhancements during the changing seasons; with this in mind I created a fabulous autumnal/wintery spa product that promotes balance and calm – Dawn. Shortly after, I launched HoD’s first unisex fragrance suitably named NumbrThirty8. A refreshing scent that changes during the day but can be worn anytime, anyplace, anywhere, by anyone! I kept to the plan to only produce a limited number and keep it exclusive being a boutique house, only 78 bottles available – now that’s limited hey!

With the festive season approaching, all our products are all available to shop online in the Spa and Old Factory sections. Please visit us gifts to self and treats for others.