A sultry, rich fragrance. Top notes of green tea, grapefruit and lotus followed by touches of violet leaf and gardenia and complemented by woody base notes.

Be One of 192 with this First Edition eau de parfum that includes a beautiful black and gold Ankh charm bracelet.



4 reviews for N-Lyten

  1. Tonia Scott

    I just received the N-Lyten scent for my birthday. It smells amazing but the really interesting thing about it is that the scent changes whilst you’re wearing it! The scent you leave the house with isn’t the one you return home with. It’s a really clever play on the senses. I’ve not experienced that with a perfume before.

  2. Beenta Patel

    Nothing says class, sophistication, and refined taste than this little glass bottle with a modern feel. The fragrance is very airy and luminous with its light floral and delicately powdered scent reveals a unique feminine trail. It’s a perfume for all occasions, I absolutely love it!!

  3. Alyson Singer

    Bought this at the House of iKons fashion show in Sept 16 & had a spray on my wrist. I watched the show and kept smelling this wonderful aroma and thought it was the lady next to me only to realise it was this beautiful perfume….. rushed back after the show to make sure I bought as a limited addition. Love the fact it’s a spray, as most perfumes aren’t, and it’s an all day wear.
    Can’t wait for the next perfume to come out

  4. Ramila patel

    It’s best I’ve been using since last two years wonderful feeling

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