Instinct Aroma Roller Oil

Instinct has been crafted to awaken the animalistic senses within and take you back to nature, allowing you to unwind and release the stresses of modern life that cause damage to your psyche.

Perfect for on-the-road instant relaxation, pocket-sized for your handbag & an essential item for escaping on your travels!

Contains Jojoba oil, bergamot, geranium, grapefruit, mandarin and rosewood.



3 reviews for Instinct Aroma Roller Oil

  1. Natasha Poltorak

    The aroma and blend of HoD Instinct oil has the unique ability to both awaken me and relax me. The rollerball, which I carry with me at all times, is the perfect addition to my handbag as I can easily have a hit of Instinct on the go. I’ve used many different aromatherapy oils in the past but the Instinct blend is something special.

  2. Alison Gallant

    I love instinct aroma oil roller, the fragrance always makes me feel relaxed. I like to use it in the evening and I find the fragrance encourages a good night’s sleep. I keep the bottle in my living room so it is always to hand. I’m going to use it later this year when I go on a long haul trip as I know it will relax me and help me sleep.

  3. Ben Brown

    Dipty has the ability to combine the most compelling scents to produce a balanced and energising fragrance, whilst transmitting a relaxing and calming aroma. She does this with a warming integrity and style which enhances the experience of wearing Instinct, which though subtle has the strength to last all day. Absolutely exquisite.

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