dawn Aroma Roller Oil

Dawn has been specifically created to Recharge & Rejuvenate. A mood enhancing oil which will make you feel balanced and calm. Relieves aches and pains and eliminates insomnia and anxiety.

Perfect for on-the-road instant relaxation, pocket-sized for your handbag & an essential item for escaping on your travels!

Contains Jojoba oil, pine, rose geranium and juniper berry.



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  1. Rosanna

    As a working parent, constantly on the go, my life has very few moments of peaceful tranquility.

    However, since I purchased the Dawn Aroma Roller Oil, I’ve used this as a reminder to slow down, take deep breaths and re-centre. The size is perfect for keeping in my pocket, and when I feel any stresses starting to surface, the cold sensation of the roller on my temples quickly alleviates any tension.

    I’m also a singer, and even though I’ve sung for years, the nerves can sometimes play their hand and throw a curveball to what should be the most important element to a controlled sound – breathing! A quick roll of the Dawn Aroma, followed by some vocal exercises, and I’m back on track.

    The jojoba base instantly soothes, conjuring feelings of a luxurious spa, complete with fresh fluffy white towels, scented candles and Aromatherapy treatments.

    And being such a handy size, it sits neatly on my bedside table. A little dab on my pressure points, and I drift into a lovely deep sleep.

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