Travel & Scent – a beautiful combination August 25, 2016 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , ,

After a hectic end to 2015 I kicked off the new year by escaping to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. My friendly taxi driver welcomed me with a bottle of their locally produced beer, Piton, and I knew my first trip to the island was going to be brilliant!

My home for the next two weeks was a boutique colonial style hotel in the north of the Island, by Rodney Bay, where the most clear blue sea and fine sandy beaches were at my foot.
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Easing myself into the local way of life, I enjoyed visiting the spice market in the City of Castries to feed my curious mind on what was produced locally and what scents I could bring home. St. Lucia has an abundance of natural healing remedies for many allergies and illnesses. A lady told me, ͚we have absolutely everything to cure anything all here on the island͛, I could not argue with that!

Over the last 4 months I’ve been working all over Europe; Sweden, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and finished up Madrid and Milan, both places I love visiting in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.

In Madrid I was surrounded constantly by beautiful red carnations, bluebells and roses. I was running an event at the opulent Palazzo Pirigi, in Milan, where I was greeted by the owner and directed to the most beautiful reception with a grand marble staircase, roman statues and an aroma that placed me into what felt like a secret garden… my senses were mesmerised.

My next trip takes me back to the South of France where I created my first scent N-Lyten. I’ll be filling you all in on ‘my journey back to Grasse’ soon.